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old church c 1897.jpg
This photograph shows the first church building as it appears in about 1897. There is a group of church members assembled in front of the church for the portrait, possibly for the Lawn Festival that is advertised on a banner on the front of the…

old church c 1905.jpg
Shows people going into the original church building, c. 1905. There is a barely visible sign near the front door with the name of the church. The church still does not have electricity, and gas lamps are still visible, although the electrified…

old church c 1920.jpg
Shows the church around 1920, dated by the caption of this photo in the church history books, shortly before it was torn down to make room for the new stone church. You can see the house to the left, now the church annex, as well as outlines and…

Building 1940s.jpg
Shows the new (second) church building, which was completed around 1929. Date is estimated based on the style of the automobile in the photo. Interesting, while the neighborhood has been electrified for 30 or so years, there is still one remaining…

1978-04-06 Olney Times - Kirk Retires.pdf
Article from Olney Times, Thursday, April 6, 1978.

1978-07-00 Bulletin Kirk Memorial Service.pdf
Pastor Kirk passed away July 11, 1978, shortly after leaving the pastorate of Wyoming Ave. Baptist, so soon, in fact, that he is still listed on the front of the bulletins as Pastor. Bulletin includes a short biography, a program, and a list of…

1936-00-00 Hurst photo.jpg
Rev. Hurst was assistant pastor of Wyoming Ave. Baptist Church in the last years of Rev. Hookway's ministry, and became the senior pastor at Rev. Hookway's recommendation and the congregation's call in 1935.

60th Ann Celebration - Oct 1951.pdf
Program listing the various special services and events during the 60th Anniversary celebrations in October, 1951.

Front of Sanctuary 1 - c 1965.jpg
Photographs taken for inclusion in the 75th Anniversary history book.

Stained Glass - Jesus the Good Shepherd - c 1965.jpg
Photograph taken in 1965 for inclusion in the 75th Anniversary history book.

Hookway 1910.jpg
Portrait print of Rev. John A. Hookway, pastor of the Wyoming Ave. Baptist Church, in 1910. This photograph, modified prior to printing with a framing border, was used in various church publications, including the church directory, membership…

Building 1970s.jpg
Photograph of the front of the church building sometime in the 1970s. The stained glass windows are not yet covered, a project that was started in 1978.

Himes Christmas Card 1945.jpg
Photographic Christmas card from Rev. and Mrs. Himes. First image provided is the card in its faded condition; second image is digitally enhanced to improve the contrast of the portrait.

An original print of this portrait, in much better…

Cover image is provided for thumbnail purposes only. Click on the PDF document link to view the full report.

Format note: Cover image provided only for thumbnail purposes. Click on the PDF document link to view the full report.

Format note: Cover image is provided for thumbnail purposes. To view the full report, click the PDF document link.

Annual reports for 2005. This version for some reason does not include the usual financial reports, which may be scanned at a future date.

Format note: Cover image provided for thumbnail purposes only. Click the PDF document link to view the…

Format note: Cover image provided for thumbnail purposes. To view the full report, click the PDF document link.

Postcard with Hookway - nd.jpg
Postcard showing the new church building completed and dedicated in 1928, along with a small vignette of Pastor Hookway.

sanctuary front c 1940.jpg
Photo showing the front of the sanctuary around 1940, with a framed portrait of the recently deceased Pastor Hookway above the pulpit. Flowers decorate the communion table, the baptistry and the choir loft. Extra chairs are setup in the sanctuary,…

hookway reading.jpg
Portrait of Rev. John Hookway reading, most likely in the church office. Comparisons to his appearance in other portraits suggest a date soon after 1930.

New church basement circa 1925.jpg
Construction of the new church building was completed in two phases. The first saw the construction of the basement, main entrance, and tower, which was completed in 1925. This photograph shows the completed main entrance and the basement, before…
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