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New church basement circa 1925.jpg
Construction of the new church building was completed in two phases. The first saw the construction of the basement, main entrance, and tower, which was completed in 1925. This photograph shows the completed main entrance and the basement, before…

new church architect rendering.jpg
Photographic reproduction of the original presentation drawing for the new church building, designed by the architects Heacock & Hokanson. Construction began in 1923, and the basement half was completed in 1925. The upper half (the sanctuary) was…

Postcard with Hookway - nd.jpg
Postcard showing the new church building completed and dedicated in 1928, along with a small vignette of Pastor Hookway.

Building 1940s.jpg
Shows the new (second) church building, which was completed around 1929. Date is estimated based on the style of the automobile in the photo. Interesting, while the neighborhood has been electrified for 30 or so years, there is still one remaining…

Building 1980s from Church Mutual 1.jpg
Exterior photographs of the church building taken for an insurance survey. Originally kept in the company's files, these two photographs, and two of the annex, were returned to the church in 2006 when Church Mutual was again quoting for the church's…
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