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1941-10 Golden Jubilee Schedule.pdf
A schedule of events and services for the 50th Anniversary celebration of Wyoming Avenue Baptist Church, October, 1941. The cover of this bulletin is a glossy, gold-colored foil material.

1936-10-00 Forty-Fifth Anniversary events.jpg
Small printed schedule showing the events for Anniversary Week, October 4-11, 1936.

Front of Sanctuary 1 - c 1965.jpg
Photographs taken for inclusion in the 75th Anniversary history book.

60th Ann Celebration - Oct 1951.pdf
Program listing the various special services and events during the 60th Anniversary celebrations in October, 1951.

Published for the Diamond Jubilee anniversary in 1966, the book condenses some of the material found in the 50th anniversary book, and adds the next 25 years of history. The book includes many photographs, including photographs of all of the various…
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