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1990c Rev Oliver and Ethel Hurst.jpg
Rev. Oliver W. Hurst was pastor of Wyoming Avenue Baptist Church from 1935-1941. The date on this card is unknown; Rev. Hurst passed away in 2000.

Infant Dedication list 1916-1938.pdf
List of infants and other children dedicated in the church (presumably by Pastor Hookway) from 1916 through 1938. Names of the child's father and mother are listed, as well as the date of dedication, and often the date of birth.

1936-10-00 Forty-Fifth Anniversary events.jpg
Small printed schedule showing the events for Anniversary Week, October 4-11, 1936.

1940-00-00 Newspaper clippings re Hookway and Himes_Page_1.jpg
Newspaper clippings of various articles: "Chimes in Honor of Rev. Hookway to be Dedicated at Wyoming Church," "Hookway Memorial Dedicated Sunday," and "Rev. Himes to Succeed to Pulpit Next Sunday." Sources are unknown, although likely to be theā€¦

1936-00-00 Hurst photo.jpg
Rev. Hurst was assistant pastor of Wyoming Ave. Baptist Church in the last years of Rev. Hookway's ministry, and became the senior pastor at Rev. Hookway's recommendation and the congregation's call in 1935.
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