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Annual reports for 2005. This version for some reason does not include the usual financial reports, which may be scanned at a future date.

Format note: Cover image provided for thumbnail purposes only. Click the PDF document link to view the…

Format note: Cover image provided for thumbnail purposes. To view the full report, click the PDF document link.

2009 ministry brochure.pdf
Brochure with photos and text describing the various ministries of the church. When printed, the brochure pages are back-to-back and tri-folded.

The first year of the 2nd run of "Inside Wyoming," the newsletter of the Wyoming Ave. Baptist Church. Issues dated: October 13, October 27, November 10, December 1, and December 15, 2002.

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"Inside Wyoming" was the newsletter of the church, published in two separate runs, the second beginning in 2002. This record includes all the issues published in 2003.

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There were only two issues published in 2004, ending the second run of Inside Wyoming.

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Article written for the newsletter of Narberth Presbyterian Church about the 2003 missions trip to Ghana that included Walt Rice, Jr., from Wyoming.

2008-02-23 missionary board.pdf
A large poster board that Pastor Centeno uses at his table at missionary conferences.

Postcard with Hookway - nd.jpg
Postcard showing the new church building completed and dedicated in 1928, along with a small vignette of Pastor Hookway.

sanctuary front c 1940.jpg
Photo showing the front of the sanctuary around 1940, with a framed portrait of the recently deceased Pastor Hookway above the pulpit. Flowers decorate the communion table, the baptistry and the choir loft. Extra chairs are setup in the sanctuary,…

hookway reading.jpg
Portrait of Rev. John Hookway reading, most likely in the church office. Comparisons to his appearance in other portraits suggest a date soon after 1930.

pastoral search info 1978.pdf
Form describing the congregation, the church, its ministries, finances, and various demographics. This was prepared by the Pulpit Committee in 1978 as it began its search for a new pastor after the retirement of Pastor Kirk.

new church architect rendering.jpg
Photographic reproduction of the original presentation drawing for the new church building, designed by the architects Heacock & Hokanson. Construction began in 1923, and the basement half was completed in 1925. The upper half (the sanctuary) was…

New church basement circa 1925.jpg
Construction of the new church building was completed in two phases. The first saw the construction of the basement, main entrance, and tower, which was completed in 1925. This photograph shows the completed main entrance and the basement, before…

1940-00-00 Newspaper clippings re Hookway and Himes_Page_1.jpg
Newspaper clippings of various articles: "Chimes in Honor of Rev. Hookway to be Dedicated at Wyoming Church," "Hookway Memorial Dedicated Sunday," and "Rev. Himes to Succeed to Pulpit Next Sunday." Sources are unknown, although likely to be the…

1936-10-00 Forty-Fifth Anniversary events.jpg
Small printed schedule showing the events for Anniversary Week, October 4-11, 1936.
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