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1941-10 Golden Jubilee Schedule.pdf
A schedule of events and services for the 50th Anniversary celebration of Wyoming Avenue Baptist Church, October, 1941. The cover of this bulletin is a glossy, gold-colored foil material.

Hookway Scrapbook.pdf
Scrapbook generally focused on the death of Rev. John A. Hookway in 1939. Includes obituaries, correspondence, sympathy cards, photographs, and various items from or about Pastor Hookway. Also includes travel photographs, and some later items from…

1976 Pastor Kirk and Perry Blum.jpg
Photograph of various Wyoming people, prominently featuring Pastor Gordon Kirk (left) and Perry Blum (right). Appears to be surrounding a neighborhood outreach, perhaps in conjunction with an evangelistic crusade.

1895c Rev James French.jpg
Rev. French was an early pastor of the Wyoming Avenue Baptist Mission, from 1893-1895.

1990c Rev Oliver and Ethel Hurst.jpg
Rev. Oliver W. Hurst was pastor of Wyoming Avenue Baptist Church from 1935-1941. The date on this card is unknown; Rev. Hurst passed away in 2000.

2003-10 WABC Focus Area Map.pdf
Map of the focus area for Wyoming Ave. Baptist Church. The map shows houses of families with children who participate in Sunday Bible School and in Vacation Bible School

Prepared as part of the pastoral search process in 2003 that led to the call…

2003-11 Pastoral Profile Survey Results.pdf
Results of a survey given to the congregation asking what characteristics they would like to see in the next pastor. Prepared for the 2003 pastoral search that led to the call of Rev. Luis Centeno.

2003-11 Ministry Profiles.pdf
Profiles of the various ministries of the church, prepared for the pastoral search in 2003 that led to the call of Rev. Luis Centeno.

Ministries profiled:
Sunday Bible School
Teen, Young Adult, and Adult Sunday School

2003-10 WABC Church Info Form.pdf
Prepared for the pastoral search in 2003, that led to the selection of Rev. Luis Centeno.

1910 Old church building c 1910.jpg
Photo showing the first church building (wood structure, at front) and the attached Sunday School building (brick structure, at back). The brick building was erected in 1906, and this photo shows it at the original height with one story. The brick…
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