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1978-04-06 Olney Times - Kirk Retires.pdf
Article from Olney Times, Thursday, April 6, 1978.

1978-07-00 Bulletin Kirk Memorial Service.pdf
Pastor Kirk passed away July 11, 1978, shortly after leaving the pastorate of Wyoming Ave. Baptist, so soon, in fact, that he is still listed on the front of the bulletins as Pastor. Bulletin includes a short biography, a program, and a list of…

Photographic directory of church members, with brief history and introduction and photographs of the building and pastor. A unique photo on the back cover shows the church illuminated at night.

This particular copy has been marked up with…

1976 Pastor Kirk and Perry Blum.jpg
Photograph of various Wyoming people, prominently featuring Pastor Gordon Kirk (left) and Perry Blum (right). Appears to be surrounding a neighborhood outreach, perhaps in conjunction with an evangelistic crusade.
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