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In September, 2005, members of Wyoming joined a short-term missions trip to provide hurricane disaster relief in Gulfport, Mississippi. This article talks about two members of Wyoming that were on the trip, Danny Velez, and Bobbi Jo Torres, and…

1978-04-06 Olney Times - Kirk Retires.pdf
Article from Olney Times, Thursday, April 6, 1978.

1940-00-00 Newspaper clippings re Hookway and Himes_Page_1.jpg
Newspaper clippings of various articles: "Chimes in Honor of Rev. Hookway to be Dedicated at Wyoming Church," "Hookway Memorial Dedicated Sunday," and "Rev. Himes to Succeed to Pulpit Next Sunday." Sources are unknown, although likely to be the…

1973-09-06 Newspaper clippings re church members.jpg
Articles about Walter and Maybelle Beilfus, retired and living on Social Security and a pension; Linda J. Council, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Council, now engaged to George A. Priestley, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Priestley; Jack Fedalen,…
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